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Saturday, October 02, 2010

10 Facts About Myself

1. My nickname
My name is Muhammad Faizzul but people call me Perot. When I tell my friend my true name they say why they call me Perot because I have beautiful name, I just said it’s up to you want to call me Faizzul or perot as long as you can remember my real name. Even my lecturer also call me Perot.

2. My special pillow

I have special pillow that I really love since I was a baby. That pillow make from mists. I really like the smell of that pillow. Maybe people will say that is not matured for guys that age like me but who cares. Every night I will sleep with my special pillow.

3. I hate crowded place

Why? Because I have a huge body so I don’t think that I can breath in the crowded place and it’s hard to walk through there.

4. I really love football

I'm a football lover.
Even I cannot play well but I'm still follow the football news whether local football or international
football.I really like Chelsea FC in EPL because I love the they counter atta
Even they don't have many star player right there they still had
big fan's like me

5. Never thinking before say

That is my character. Sometimes after I say it I realize that maybe I have hurt somebody heart. That’s why my mom’s always say
to me always be careful in my word.

6. Love to collect sneakers

I really love Adidas brand but I had Puma sneaker too and also Nike brand. The most I love is my Puma sneakers because it is very expensive to me and I like the colours.

7. Not fussy

I’m not that kind of person such as when eating I just eat what have in front of me as long as my stomach have enough space and as long as the food is clean and ‘halal

8. Love to sleep

I’ll sleep when I had nothing to do and when I feel bored of something. I’ll sleep anywhere if I feel sleepy such as my friend room.

9. I have asthma

I used the inhaler to make me breath better if I attacked by it. But, now days I can live without inhaler because doctor say that I have many improvements since I goes to the specialist in HKL.

10. My next gadget maybe

I love to take picture but I just used my phone camera. My target is to buy the DSLR camera with my own money and learn how to take picture professionally.

My Lovely Classmate I Ever Had

My new post is about my classmates ISD3E1. I really love my classmates because we have been together since part 1 and until now we still together. Although what ever happened we still close together . In my class we got 30 person in ISD3E1 and all of them have different kind of personality and behaviour.

Firstly Hazriq @ bub, he like our leader in the class because he looks more matured compare to others. He likes to give big cute smile when taking a picture. But, he don’t give me too Bluetooth my picture in his phone.

Second is my best friend since part 1. His name is Ersyazuddin or I call him mabat. He is my ex class rap in part 1. He is very nice person for me. I always go outing with him although he drives a car like crazy. Mabat is Vice president for our faculty society.

Third is Zulkarnain he is a quite person in the class but if get to know him closely you will know that he is like to make joke and have a crazy brain in his head. He used to wait me in the morning for us go to the class together although sometimes I wake up late he will wait for me.

Next is Qayyum the Italians boys in my class. He has a mix blood from his father and mother. I can say that he his a hot person in my class because his face not like a Malay. I call him Musingh his nickname in college.

Naqib is nice person for me. He likes to do crazy things that we never expect he will do it. He also a big liar. He like to play football but now he suffered from his knee injury after playing football represent our college in SUKOL last semester.

Our last standing man is Arif or tutu. He is our class rap for last semester. He like to singing although we don’t like to hear his voice. He also sometimes quite pending persons but he is a nice person.

Anisahwati Binti Aminuddin. Ponti is her nickname. She is our class Representative for this semester. She is very caring person and like to tease me in the class with her joke and then she will laugh.

Nor Asma Binti Azan. I called her by the name Acu. She is UiTM Johor brass band members and playing trumpet. She will look cute when she wear a brass band uniform.

Nor Hafiza Binti Samsudin. People called her Fieyza. She has a small body but she is a cute person. She like to make a joke with her friends. She will become our tourist guide if we go to Melaka together because she live in Melaka.

Nabihah Binti Zakaria or I call her biha. She is very nice person and I like to tease her muallaf because she will look like a Chinese when she wear a tudung. She represent UiTM Johor in debate.

Ain Diyana is our tallest ladies in my class. She like to thing by her own without help from anybody. She is nice person although she quite gross to us in the class. But what thing she do she will finish it.

Nurhazwani or wawa. She is small person in my class and has cute face like children. I ask her to eat a lot so that she will be big like me because she is too small and thin.

Norshafiqah or my friend call her Iqa. She is very sensitive persons and easy to cry I think. She is the winner for the recite poet in UiTM Johor for the independent month.

Noor Amira or I just call her Mira. She is very kind to me because every time I had a problem with my assignments I’ll just call her and ask her. She is cute person same like Wawa and they are close together.

Nik Syaza Syafinaz or I called her Finaz. She nice person and make everyone comfortable with her. She always give guidance and advise to finish my assignment. I also learn doing blog from her.

Siti Noor Aishah or we call her Siti in class. I can see her matured because the way she dress-up almost like matured woman.

Siti Solehah or my friend call her Sokso but I call her Leha. I just love to call her that name because it sound like village name. He like to take our class picture.

Zaharah is a Herbalife user. Before she use the product, her body was same like me too but after she used that product we can see that the different from part 1 till now. She is now more thin than before.

Diyana Izni or we call her Beyonce in class. I really respect her English. Although I and her are not close but we can still talk each other and laughing together if we talk in the class.

Nurul Iza or we call her Iza. I and Hulk like to tease her like hide her phone and take our picture using her phone and make it wallpaper in her phone. I also like to call her ‘Iza Stylo’.

Ku Norazila or we call her Kuchek because his Facebook account name Kuchek Embun. I just don’t why. She have white skins like Europe girl and browns eyes. She had chubby cheek and if she feel cold or hot her cheek will become red colour.

Nur Amirah is close to Kuchek since part 1. They all are close each other and goes to the class together because they live in the same college. I called her Mia or sometimes I call her Maggie because she has a new hair cut like instant noodle and I often to play her hair if I sit behind her with my pen and then she will angry to me.

Nur Shahiera Nabila or we call he in the class Shiera. I don’t really close to her but what can I describe about is she a nice person and but she is quite serious person I think.

Fashiehah or we call her Che Ah. She like to hang out with their friend like goes to Melaka and like to pinch my hand because she said he like a man that cute like me.

Nuswatun or we like to call her ‘Cikgu besar’. She is the only one who live in Sector B because almost all girl in my class stay in Sector C. She is JPK or Jawatankuasa Perwakilan Kolej in Sector B. She want to be the next President of Sector B JPK one day.

Nadirah is a quite person in the class. It’s very hard to see her laugh in the class because what ever funny things happens in the class she will just smile.

Siti Nuraishah or I call her Kedah. Her eyes will lump sometimes in the morning class because she don’t had enough sleep at night because she has white skins same like Kuchek. She sell tudung and prepaid in her college. Everyone who run out of credit you can find her.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Memories of Ramadhan

There is not much memories of Ramadhan that I still remember but the best thing is when I feel the my first Ramadhan far away from my family for the first semester in UiTM. It feel so bad because when the breakfast come I will call my mother and ask my mom what she eat and if she fine or not. It feels quite different when you eat your mom cook and the stall cook. I still remember me and my siblings help our father to make a pelita using a recycle bottle and bamboo. Help my mother make a kuih raya till sahor time and give to our neighbour’s.

But I can make it like always because I have my friend and we eat together in room with a lot of food till we cannot eat anymore and we eat the food at sahor. It’s quite thought to wake up when sahor because we have class at 8.00 a.m so we make decision to take sahor earlier around 12.00 o’clock then we sleep. If I wake up we will just drinks some of water and eat some bread or junk food.

The post that I write is about my roommate that have been given by my Bel 311 lecturer. I live at TS 151 with my three roommate. My first roommate is Muhammad Afiq Subhan b. Halim that taking Diploma in Investment Analysis (DIIA) he come from Kuala Lumpur. I know him when I was in Part one but we are not closed because my room and his room is far away. He is 19 year old and have many girlfriend but he is single. He is a JPK he position is Exco Sukan dan Rekreasi. Every evening he like to play football with his friend. His nickname is ‘apek’ although he never seem like Chinese.

Next is my second roommate his name is Saiful Lizan b. Abd. Mutalib that come from Jementah. His taking Pre Commerce he like to eat seed when he feel bored in the room. He like to treat us burger. His nickname is ‘cabai’ that I give to him but in room we call him ‘jermen’ because he come from Jementah very near to campus. Every week he will go back home to see his family and his future wife. He always ask me a stupid question till I cannot answer the question. His father open the mini market at Jementah and his mother is housewife.

My third roommate is Mohammad Hafiz b. Nordin that come from Parit Raja, Batu Pahat. Also taking Pre Commerce his nickname is ‘batu’. He like to play guitar and we sing along with him. He is very afraid person when he stay alone in room and when he want go to toilet he will ask whether I want to follow or not if not he will ask someone in the room that want to go with him. His voice is very nice like Jamal Abdilah when he singing. Every night he will do a super saver to call his future wife that study at Kolej Matrikulasi Kuala Pilah. His father open a food stall that sell ‘putu bambu’ at Batu Pahat.

Life as a Senior

My new post title that have given by Sir Izuan is Life as a senior, from the title that have been given I think that this title is quite interesting because I’m not really a senior in my college but majority student that stay in college is Part 3 student include me. So, we are the senior in Taming Sari Block but for me Part 3 student is not enough senior yet.
For your information this semester almost all Part 4 and above are have been bidden to move out from college because of this intake for this semester for Part 1 student and Pre Commerce student is almost 1600 and the college that we have cannot afford the old student. The bad thing is poor to the student that have position in academic club or non academic club to carry on their activity because they have to come from their house to campus to attending meeting or activity.

Next, our college is not alive anymore like because we lack of senior that can teach them how to live in the college happily as a one family. In, college we have our rules that have to be follow by new comers. During I as Part 1 student we have to take the senior name and his sign or we call it PSU or the full name is ‘Perkenalan Salam Ukhuwah’. This semester intake also do the same thing like me too. The reason we do the PSU is to create a good relationship between senior and junior so we can live under one roof like a family although we are from different background.

From the PSU the junior can know the senior more and if they have a problem with study or about college they can refer to the senior. The tradition that will continue until now is give the nickname to the junior so that senior can recognize them with their nickname because junior is more than a senior. The nickname that have been given has their own meaning and only senior and the person can know the meaning because it’s private and confidential.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

My subject

For this semester I’m taking seven subject including my English for Academic Purpose Bel 311 that have 2 credit hours is teaching by Sir. Mohd Izuan B. Ismail. My description for Sir. Izuan is he is a very strict person and he don’t like his student to come late to the class he like the student to be punctual and do not come late to the class. From his class also I with the first time ever sing up a blog because before this I never wonder that one days I will have my own blog just see my friend blogging on the internet. I think in BEL 311 I can approve my writing skill in English and I very like this subject. My expectation for this subject is I will try to my best to get an A.

Next, my second subject is CTU 264 or the full name of this subject is Islamic Information Management that thought by Ustaz Saidin B. Zakaria. His class only once a week that in Thursday because the credit hour for this subject is only 2. What is ihave learn during this three weeks in class is related to my course because we gone learn on how the Al-Quran and Hadith being collect from the Nabi Muhammad generation. I like this subject because the lecturer always make a joke in the class. My expectation for this subject is I will try to maintain an A in this subject.

Thirdly, my subject is IMD 201 or the full name is Access To Information that have 3 hours credit. This subject is teaching by En. Muhamad Ismail B. Pahmi my Resident Staff for Taming Sari Block. For the last semester in part two he was teaching IMD 153 so I have known him very well. In this subject we were teach about the library and the act. It is mostly like studying History in school. Every starting of the class he will make a pop quiz to remind the student what do we learn last week. I’ expect that I will struggle for this subject because this subject is kind of bored to.

Fourthly, my subject for this semester is IMD 202 or it’s full name is Promotion in information products and services. My lecturer for this subject is Puan Nor Rashidah Binti Mohamed she is a very busy person with she class. In this subject we are going to learn on how to promote the information product like books, library, magazine and etc. This a reading subject so for myself I need to study hard to score in final exam.

Another my subject for this semester is IMD 203 or the full name is Support services and maintenance. In this subject we will learn how to fix the CPU and what is the use of CPU. Actually this subject is continues to the subject that we learn in Part 1. Our lecturer name is Cik Siti Nuur-ila Binti Mat Kamal. I like this subject but the class is three our that’s make me feel sleepy in the class but our lecturer allow us to bring some sweet to prevent us from sleep in the class.

For the second last of my subject is IMD 255 and the full name is Technical support and services in information agencies. Our lecturer name is Puan Nor Diana Binti Abdul Rahman, in the class she like to give a pop quiz to make the student pay attention in the class. In this class we will learn about the technical support in the library. I think this subject is very important to make sure that the library work properly.

My last subject for this semester is co-curricular from Part 1 until Part 3 I take the BPC or the full name is Badan Pertolongan Cemas. For this semester we will learn about nursing in the hospital on how to treat the patient.

Lastly I hope that I will get a good result for this semester and Insyaallah I will try my best.

A new semester begin

A new semester begin and for this semester I hear that the intake is more than our batch. For this current semester I become JPK or Jawatnkuasa Perwakilan Kolej for Sektor A. My position is Exco Perhubungan Dalaman and if you all want to hear my voice you all can come to Taming Sari.
For this July-November intake I has become a PM or Pembantu Mahasiswa for Program Minggu Destini Siswa. This is the first time I become a PM and it is a very new experience in my life and I very like it. Although it is very tired but when I remember it back it was a great experience I have ever had as a UiTM student. I heve a new friend make a new friend. My position in MDS is ‘Biro Makanan’ and my task is to make sure that all the student is eat. I also noticed that parents really take a good care of their children because on the first day of registration we can see that parents wait their children till the evening. It was a very busy week and very tired for we all and the student.
A class begin at the first week and I really miss my crazy classmate. For this semester we got the new block that BK or Blok Kayangan that is very high. It is very tired to climb to BK. All of the lecturer is very familiar and certain lecturer that is we know but they never teach our class. A new semester begin and new class rep appointed and this semester our class rep is Anisahwati or we call her ‘ponti’. I hope that is our class is unite just like last semester and my planning is to breakfast with all of the classmate during the Ramadhan.
I hope that we all will be success for this semester and study hard to score in all subject. I think that’s all from me.

I was searching you were on a mission
Then our hearts combined like a neutron star collision
I have nothing left to lose
You took your time to choose
Then we told each other with no trace of fear that

Our love would be forever
And if we die, we die together
Well I, I said never
Cause our love would be forever

The world is broken, halos fail to glisten
We try to make a difference but no one wants to listen
Hail the preachers, fake and proud
Their doctrines will be cloud
Then they'll dissipate like snowflakes in an ocean

Love is forever and we'll die
We'll die together
Well I, I said never
Cause our love, could be forever

Now I've got nothing left to lose
You take your side to choose
I can tell you now without a trace of fear

That my love will be forever
And well die, we'll die together
Will I, I will never
Cause our love will be forever